Unsupported Films – Prime Labels

Unsupported films from Nobelus are designed specifically to compliment prime label applications. Unlike our thermal laminates, they include no EVA adhesive layer, making them incredibly cost effective compared to pressure-sensitive self-wound laminates. These unsupported films must be combined with a wet adhesive and UV/LED curing technology in a wet lamination system for best results. While this catalog includes essential finishes, we also offer a range of specialty options and effects rarely found in prime labels.

PlatinumOPP™ Gloss and Matte are the economical powerhouses of unsupported films. These polypropylene essentials protect print from oil, dirt, and grease with a sheer gloss or super-flat matte finish.  

Karess® Film provides a luxurious soft-touch option with a lower-friction surface for operators who prioritize efficiency and machineability.

FineGrit™ Film provides prints with the distinctive feel of light sand, an effect that is embossed into the surface of the film to ensure it does not rub off with repeated handling.

Rainbow Holografik™ is a durable PET unsupported film that makes even the most understated designs shimmer with the colors of a prism.

ScuffProof® Film ensures complete protection for products that are handled frequently as it is resistant to scratches from regular use.

EcoElement™ CLS Gloss and Matte are completely plastic-free films made of 20-25% reprocessed cellulose for environmentally conscious projects.

All our unsupported films are compatible with several post-lamination processes, enabling prime labels to incorporate effects such as spot varnishes, foiling, and die cutting for truly unique designs.