Bio-based wood pulp film perfect for a variety of markets

EcoElement™ CLS Matte Film

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  • Product Description

    Sustainable Laminates & Films

    A sustainably sourced, compostable unsupported film with a matte finish

    Plastic-free film with no adhesive

    80 ga │ 3” Core

    EcoElement CLS Matte Film is specially designed to support environmentally conscious lamination practices in prime label and flexible packaging. Made of PEFC-certified wood pulp and 20-25% reprocessed cellulose, this film has sustainable origins. It is completely plastic free and compatible only with wet lamination systems that use UV/LED curing technology.

    EcoElement CLS Matte Film has an ultra-flat matte finish that protects printed designs from oil, dirt, and grease. This finish can also accept UV and screen printing as well as foil stamping. Due to its cellulose construction, this film is home and industrial compostable.

    EcoElement CLS Matte Film is an unsupported film designed to complement wet lamination systems using wet adhesives and UV/LED curing technology to produce prime labels or flexible packaging.

    For general commercial print applications, see our EcoElement Matte Laminate, which includes a thermally activated EVA adhesive layer for use with heated nip rollers.

    EcoElement CLS Matte Film is part of the Nobelus® Sustainable Collection

    Key Features

    • Certified home and industrial compostable
    • Sustainably sourced and bio-based
    • Completely plastic free
    • Made of PEFC-certified wood pulp
    • Non-reflective matte finish
    • Excellent clarity
    • Supports easy-tear packaging


    • Die Cutting
    • Printing - Offset, Digital, UV, and Screen
    • Spot Varnish and UV
    • Stamping

    Common Applications

    • Folding Cartons
    • Prime Labels
    • Sachets
    • Stand-Up Pouches
    • Stick Packs
    • Three-Sided Sealed Bags

    Common Markets

    • Health and Beauty
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Security and Tamper Resistant
    • Specialty Foods