Why Choose Nobelus™ Laminate Films


Nobelus™ Films Are The Very Best in Thermal Laminates Across The Print, Publishing, Photo, and Packaging Industries

Who says that being the “old hand” at something is bad? Experience is awesome! Nobelus™ embodies over 45 years of knowledge and experience in the world of thermal laminating films. For print and publishing, we have developed dozens of specialty laminate films that enable the production of durable and beautiful laminated print pieces and bookcovers. In the photo world, we helped pioneer the dynamic SHR™ (SilverHalideReplacement™) Photo Process in North America, the greatest advance in photography since the Kodak® Brownie Camera. And in 2012, we founded LuxeFilms™, which today brings a world of special effects in printable and over-laminate films to the packaging industry. 


We Enable Our Clients To Capture Market Share And Sell More!

While most suppliers want to help you buy, Nobelus™ is the only film supplier that wants to help your company MARKET and SELL! We know the power of good marketing, and help our clients do this daily. In the packaging world, we present new finishes to major global brands like Apple, Sony, and Mattel, and recommend certified users, who are our clients, to help them achieve their needs. In the world of print, we are the only film manufacturer that provides a broad range of point-of-sale, direct mail pieces, and face to face sales and marketing tools for our clients—ready to go!


We Are Driven To Continuous Innovation and Ingenuity —Leading Confidently In The World Of Thermal Laminate Films

Conventional wisdom states that you are never more than two years ahead of your competition, and we think today that is probably more like twelve months. So, if your suppliers aren’t on the cutting edge, you are falling behind. Nobelus™ invests more into research and development of new films than any player in the industry, and that is helping us to bring you new solutions for stronger anti-scuff films, softer tactile films, new finishes and looks, and even more application of holographic effects in packaging. What we do, we do well—trust us and we will show you!


We Have The Highest Quality Laminating Systems & Equipment Solutions In The Industry —Backed Confidently With Live Service And Support

Next time you think quality, service, or support don’t matter, just remember the last time your car broke down. Where were you, and how fast did you get help? Nobelus™ offers a complete service, install, and repair department nationwide, with factory-trained reps and engineers. We offer the only 24/7/365 technical support hotline, allowing you access to skilled technicians, anywhere and anytime! We understand the importance of providing our clients with the right machine for the right job, but more than that, being there when the chips are down and things are not going well. Nobelus™, always there for our clients—every time.


We have Today's Best In Multi-Sensory Films

This day and age, customers are only getting more sophisticated, making it all the more important that each printed project can excite and engage. Our multi-sensory LuxeFilms® products are designed to capture the senses, as well as the emotions and pocketbooks of today’s shopper. Adding the vibrant color of a Colorburst film with special effects or the luxury of Karess™ finishes will allure even the most challenging client in today’s world.


Every Single Nobelus™ Product Is Tested In The Field, And Covered With Our Total Satisfaction Gold Seal Guarantee

Ho, ho, ho…does anyone really believe in a “no ifs, ands, or buts” guarantee today?” You bet—our Nobelus™ clients do! No one wants trouble or problems with their laminate films, and no one asks for them either. While it is rare with Nobelus™ products, we understand that any product can mess up once in a while. The difference is that our clients don’t experience hassles with us when they need a problem fixed—only solutions!


We Deliver On Time…Every Time!

The best products in the world delivered late are deadly, and the team at Nobelus gets that! That is why we offer late ordering up to 4:30 EST ($20 rush fee if ordered after 3 PM) , expedited delivery, and have more film warehouses across North America than any other supplier in the industry. We supply the largest on-demand book publisher in the world, countless packaging providers, and thousands of print clients, so late shipments and dropped orders are not in our vocabulary—period.