PlatinumOPP™ Antibacterial Laminate in matte or gloss finishes for flexible packaging applications

PlatinumOPP™ Antibacterial Laminate

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    Antibacterial property is an ideal solution for several applications

    A premium laminate film boasting germ-inhibiting properties.

    PlatinumOPP Antibacterial Gloss / Matte laminate films are available in a high-gloss or dead-flat matte and boast germ-inhibiting properties. This laminate is extruded from premium biaxially-oriented polypropylene film, coated with 100% pure EVA adhesive and a high-bond primer, ensuring outstanding clarity, strength, flexibility and adhesion. PlatinumOPP Antibacterial laminates are made with an organic compound that provides long-lasting antibacterial properties.

    In addition to the common applications listed below, the organic nature of the antibacterial coating makes PlatinumOPP Antibacterial is safe for use on children’s books and menus.

    PlatinumOPP Antibacterial film is the ideal commercial laminate for commercial laminators, printers, finishing providers, and a host of other users across the globe whose customer projects require an antibacterial surface.

    Key Benefits

    • Outstanding Clarity
    • Excellent Ink Adhesion and Bond Strength
    • Reusable
    • Easily Cleaned with Soap and Water (Non Abrasive Agents)
    • No Harsh Chemicals
    • Total Satisfaction Gold Seal Guarantee™

    Common Applications

    • Pocket Folders
    • Promotional Pieces
    • Point of Sale Promotional
    • Board Games
    • Soft and Hardbound Book Covers
    • Photo Books
    • High Use Folding Carton Packaging
    • Electronics Packaging
    • Consumer Goods Packaging
    • Secondary Cosmetic Packaging
    • Liquor and Luxury Product Packaging
    • Nutraceutical Packaging
    • Jewelry Packaging
    • Rigid Boxes
    • Flexible Packaging
    • Labels

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