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Lamimaster™ 34

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    When it comes to our exclusive SHR™(Silver Halide Replacement) technology and laminating in volume the LamiMaster™34 is the ultimate photo laminator, working hand in hand with the web-fed Indigo® unit to enable high-speed photo production.

    The LamiMaster™ 34 is specially designed to be used with our proprietary Nobelus® SHR­™­ laminate film, applied thermally to achieve a high-gloss finish. A beautiful embossed surface is achieved by engaging the special SHR™­ texture roller, a simple change that does not require a different film type. Designed to work with both the Indigo®­ W7200 and WS6000p web presses, it can handle web widths of up to 13.25” and run at speeds of up to 400 FPM.

    The LamiMaster™ 34 can run as a laminator/embosser, and act as a pass-through unit, or function with an off-line unwinder and rewinder. The induction heating roller system is state-of-the-art and is ready to run after a short 10 minute warm-up. Other features include a bi-directional de-curling control system, allowing curl adjustments to be made on the web and transverse direction of the sheet.

    The LamiMaster™ 34 is perfect for high-volume photo production labs, photo-book producers, and large in-house photographic studios. Applications include photo prints, photo-books, calendars, cards, and layflat photo albums. It is the profession’s choice for self-contained high-speed production laminating for the revolutionary SHR process, exclusively available from Nobelus®.

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