Commercial Laminates & Films

Nobelus® manufactures an incredible line-up of more laminate film stock sizes and varieties than any other industry supplier. Also be assured that every roll of Nobelus®  laminate film is covered with our unconditional Total Satisfaction Gold Seal Guarantee™.

Nobelus®  Platinum laminate films are the broadest high-quality film line available, boasting outstanding clarity, strength, flexibility and adhesion. Offered in premium polyester (PET), top-quality polypropylene (OPP) and high-grade nylon base films. The ideal commercial laminate for demanding trade laminators, printers, finishing providers, and a host of other users across the globe.

Nobelus® A+ School Gloss™ series roll laminate film is designed to the highest quality standards, for use in the education market on nearly any type of roll laminator. Safety-certified and free of lead or phthalates, every roll of A+ School Gloss™ film is FDA approved and certified compliant with CPSIA. 

The Nobelus® Wide-Format series is an exclusive line of premium oversize laminating films, ranging in widths from 38” up to 77”. Choose from UV-Blocking (PlatinumUVR™) and standard (Platinum™) thermal laminate films, Stellar™ calendared, cast and pressure-sensitive lamination films and mounting adhesives.

Silver Halide Replacement (SHR™) photo finishing offers a offers a lower cost and chemical-free method to produce high-quality photos. Excellent for short run to high volume photo finishers, book producers and wholesale photo labs. 

Sleeking® digital print finishing technology involves a special image transfer that specifically bonds the Sleeking™ film or foil finishes to digital ink on nearly any digitally printed surface.