2018 Message From The CEO


As we wind down another successful year at Nobelus, I find it good to reflect on the success our customers are having. It is always inspiring to see or hear where we have been able to add value to our partners. Whether this is with our products, services, or knowledge sharing support, we are thrilled to be part of their success.

I am not sure who made the statement, but I think it sums it up well: "Your success is not measured by how much you make or who knows you. It's knowing that you made a contribution and some type of difference in the world around you. Always look at what you do in terms of what difference it's going to make."

One of our proudest achievements is our Nobelus University and the content we are able to share with our partners. Through market knowledge, success stories and testimonials, and application insight, it is a sharing platform of positive knowledge that all can benefit from.

As we look into 2019, we are excited to continue to share with our partners, further improve the Nobelus customer experience, and continue in our relentless pursuit of new and innovative films. Cheers to a great 2018 and to an even better 2019!

Sean Bowyer, CEO