Karess® HE Film

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    Soft-touch unsupported film that is low friction for improved efficiency

    A haptic film with a luxurious finish.

    70 ga │ 3” Core

    Made of biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), Karess® HE Film is specifically designed for prime labels and flexible packaging. This lower-friction soft-touch finish facilitates lamination on roll-to-roll presses to optimize efficiency. Its satin texture imparts a sense of luxury to support high-end brands and provides customers with a unique tactile experience.

    Because Karess HE has no adhesive layer, it is compatible with wet lamination systems that employ UV/LED curing. This specialty film can receive a range of post-laminate embellishments, providing printers with an economical way to highlight premium packaging with various effects. Its low-haze performance ensures printed colors and designs show through with impressive clarity.

    Karess HE Film is an unsupported film designed to complement wet lamination systems using wet adhesives and UV/LED curing technology to produce prime labels or flexible packaging.

    For general commercial print applications, see our Karess Laminate, which includes a thermally activated EVA adhesive layer for use with heated nip rollers

    Key Features

    • Memorable soft-touch appeal
    • Lower friction for high efficiency
    • Preserves vivid colors
    • Low haze
    • Low-glare, non-reflective surface
    • Unsupported film, without adhesive


    • Die Cutting
    • Spot Varnish
    • Stamping

    Common Applications

    • Prime Labels
    • Sachets
    • 3-Sided Sealed Bags
    • Stand-Up Pouches
    • Stick Packs

    Common Markets

    • Cannabis
    • Health & Beauty
    • Nutraceuticals
    • Spirits
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