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DuraTrim 64

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  • Product Description

    Automatic Laminate Trimmer | Sheeter

    The Duratrim™ Automatic Trimmer/Sheeting unit provides the greatest accuracy of any laminate trimmer on the market. Running at speeds of over 70 feet per minute, the ingenious “dancer-bar” feeding technology allows a steady flow of laminate web material for optimum productivity. The fiber-optic eye reads the sheet edge, and engages a high-speed flying knife, offering cut accuracy to the 1000th of an inch. The servo-drive motor and touch screen control panel combine for speed and ease of use. 

    Option: Sensors for registration mark reading

  • Warranty Information

    Max. Speed: 75’ per minute
    Min./Max. Sheet Size: 3” - 64” wide
    Paper Weight Range: N/A
    Power Requirements: 120 Volt
    Laminating Film / Mil Range: 1.2 - 15 Mil
    Machine Weight: 125 lbs
    Machine Dimensions: 87”L x 16.25”H x 18.25”D